NOTICE: EAWHR Annual Conference – Gender & Health – Women’s Health in this Century, April 25-27, 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia (see activities)

The European Association for Women & Health Research (EAWHR) was founded in 1997.

The aims of the EAWHR are to facilitate communication and collaboration among European academics who are active in the area of Women & Health research in medicine, public health, psychology, sociology, bio-ethics and other health-related sciences.

To this end, the EAWHR organises international, interdisciplinary conferences every two years. The first conference was in 1997, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The second was in 1999, in Edinburgh, UK. The third one will be in 2002 in Vienna, Austria. The first two conferences were great successes. Researchers from many European countries but also from all other continents came together and enjoyed the high quality presentations and discussions.

We currently organise a broad acquisition of new members, because we are developing an active website in order to further stimulate research collaboration and exchange of information in the relevant area of Women & Health. Therefore, we invite you to become a member of the EAWHR. Membership of the EAWHR includes:

Free admittance to the private part of the EAWHR website (www.eawhr.org) where EAWHR-members can communicate about research news, -activities, -problems and their solutions;
Personal registration at the EAWHR website so that colleagues from all over the world know how to find you and your research topics;
Fee reduction at the international EAWHR conferences.

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